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Financial Aid

JFK University School of Medicine is partnered with Maharishi University of Management (www.mum.edu) and the Walden University (www.waldenu.edu). Students can enroll in 2nd degree program or MD/MS/MPH or doctoral program. Students in dual degree program qualify for federal and private loans. Canadian students can also enroll in these programs throughout the year. Clinical transfers are also encourage to apply or get the federal and private loans.

Maharishi University of Management

Student can enroll in Master of Ayurvedic Medicine for online degree and apply for Federal loan while studying medicine or while they are enroll in MD degree program at the Jfk University School of Medicine. Canadian, Indian and Nigerian students can apply too if they have a US citizen as a co-signer.


Walden’s wide range of programs will better prepare you for the medical workforce you will soon be entering. From Walden’s B.S. in Healthcare Management, to our Master of Public Health (M.P.H.), Master of Healthcare Administration (M.H.A.), or M.S in Clinical Research Administration, Walden’s College of Health Sciences is recognized for their high-quality programs and learning opportunities. JFK students are eligible for a 20% tuition savings on any Walden program that will help you meet your educational and professional development needs. Talk to a Walden Representative about funding options forU.S. and Canadian students. With rolling start dates throughout the year, it is never too early to apply to Walden.


Please contact our Walden Representative:

Ronald Lee International Account Manger Direct Phone: 443-627-7292 ronald.lee@waldenu.edu

JFK University School of Medicine is pleased to announce two scholarships for our current and prospective students.

First scholarship is to honor the memories of a student named Ken Mae. The (Ken Mae)scholarship will be given after the first semester to the academically outstanding students.

The second scholarship is the (Jannet Kareem) which would be available from very first semester on the financially based needs.

In order to be eligible for these scholarships you have to submit your request to the Admissions Committee at least two weeks before the beginning of each Semester. For more information, you can contact the Admissions Office (link)

At JFK University School of Medicine, we also offer an option of payment plan to those students who are unable to pay their dues upfront. We encourage our students to contact our admissions department before the start of semester if they wish to enroll in student payment plan. The payment plan is extra 10% in addition to fee.

Once a student is enrolled, our office will email the student the current semester’s invoice prior to the beginning of each new semester. We encourage our students to pay their dues in timely manner a to avoid any late charges. Tuition and fees are paid by wire to the school account, Credit card, Debit card or pay pal. Absolutely no cash payments are accepted by JFK University.

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