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Tuition & Fees

Students can get higher education without graduating with the mountains of debt. JFK has low tuition fee and our goal is to make it affordable for our incoming students.

Description General -/One-time fees Pre-Med Program I-III Basic Science
Review Course MD V Clinical Science 
MD VI – XI (72 weeks)
Application fee US$ 90        
Seat Deposit (Non-Refundable). US$ 1,000        
Immigration application fee US$ 500        
Immigration deposit fee Depends on the country of origin        
White Coat US$ 80        
Tuition fee per semester   US$ 3,900 US$ 5,900 US$ 6,900 US$ 7,900 with USMLE exam


US$ 8,900 withoutUSMLE exam

Student Government Association Fee (SGA) per semester   US$ 100 US$ 100    
Student Health Insurance yearly   US$ 500 US$ 500    
Transportation to and from the campus per semester (optional)   US$ 300 US$ 300    

*All fees are due 1 month before start of the school in full payment.

*Payment plans are available for the students and should be arranged with the office Prior to the start of the first day of classes.

*Must attend the orientation.

*Register for the classes


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